Monday, November 22, 2010

Micah's first bath at home

When Jonah was born, it was all I could do to wait to get home and bathe that little boy. I had always dreamed of bathing my on baby so it was one of the first things we did after getting him home. This time was a little different. First of all, I knew this time around that babies don't need baths every day due to their sensitive skin. Second, I remembered how long it took for Jonah's cord to fall off. We later found out that those cords are like wicks and soak up every drop of what that gets near them. As a result, it takes longer for it to fall off. So, this time, we put Micah's first bath off as long as we could.

We knew it was time when we both commented on the same day that he was starting to smell! Since his cord is still firmly attached, we had to do a sponge bath. We were expected screams and cries like Jonah's first bath. We could not have been more wrong. He loved every second of it. I can only imagine how happy he will be when we are able to put him in water. We have washed his hair many times now and he just adores that. We hold his head under the faucet and his little eyes just roll back in his head as he savors the moment.

As you can see, he was super relaxed and could have been bathed all day long. We didn't even feel the need to rush because he was so content. Now, if that silly cord will just fall off, he can have a real bath and you can see those pictures too! :-)

We used the same yellow duck towel for Jonah's first bath too. Thought you might like to see a picture of that moment too! (obviously, I have a much better camera this time around!)

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winstead family said...

my pediatrician recommended that we NOT put alcohol on the cord every single diaper change because the body's natural process is some chemical that makes that cord dissolve. we were slowing the process with the alcohol. not sure if you are doing that, but it may help to know! :)


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