Thursday, November 11, 2010

Micah's Birth Story

The alarm was set to go off early on the morning of November 9 but I woke up on my own. I went ahead and showered while Dan got a few more moments of sleep. After I finished, I sat down at this table to write a few more thank you notes.

Typically, I have thank you notes written with in 24-48 hours of any shower I've ever had. Not so much this time. Between being sick and not being able to sit upright because of rib pain, I am WAY behind. That totally stresses me out because it is so outside my nature. I feel so great now that I'm hoping to wipe those out soon after arriving home.

Once Dan was ready, we took a couple of last pictures before heading out the door. My goal was to leave the house clean so we could walk back into a clean house. I tend to be less stressed and more relaxed in a clutter free environment. So, we pretty much just hid things we didn't get around to putting up. HA!
We arrived at the hospital and into our birthing room a few minutes before our scheduled 6 a.m. time. Our nurse was kind enough to take a couple of pictures of us before the craziness began. I woke up feeling a little sick that morning but kept fighting through it since I knew the end was in sight.

Once I was dressed, they placed the IV and I was ready to do. I got my computer out so I could respond to a few emails and so I could try to figure something out in MobileMe.
A little after 9, we heard a knock at the door and were happy to see Margie. She had just dropped Jonah at school and had plenty of stories about their night and morning together. It has been such a blessing for us to have Jonah with them and not worry a second about him. Their love for each other is so evident. We still wonder how upset he will be when he has to come home today! :-) Once she got there, she took over camera duty so Dan could do some video.
Just as with Jonah, I did great with the Pitocin and made super quick progress. When Dr. White visited that morning, he felt sure I'd have a baby before his lunch break was over. The nurse told me he is almost always right. Things went very quick so I knew we would meet Micah early in the day. Unlike Jonah, he was never in any kind of distress and his heart rate stayed perfect the entire morning of labor.
Cathi, who is about 10 weeks pregnant with her first baby, arrived not too long before I started pushing. She handled things very well as you can see!
HA! Poor thing! She does not do blood well and when a nurse came from around the curtain with blood on a glove, she had to spend a little time sitting down. I was still completely stress free and could not stop giggling as they were updating me on her.
My doctor arrived very soon after Cathi went down. We had several funny exchanges then after a couple of pushes, Micah arrived. Everyone kept saying they thought he was going to be a big boy but I never believed them. Jonah was estimated to weigh 9+ the day before he came and he weighed 7 lbs, 10 oz. So, when Micah was estimated to weigh Jonah's exact birth weight 2 weeks ago, I secretly said NO WAY! I know how sick I've been. I know how much weight I've lost. There was no way I would have a big baby since I weighed less entering the hospital than I did when I found out I was pregnant back in March.

WRONGO! Big baby! 8 pounds and 10 ounces. 1 whole pound bigger than his big brother. I must admit, as soon as they said his weight, my immediate thought was "Oh no! His Feltman Brothers coming home outfit might be too small already!!!" I got to hold him immediately but then they took him over for his APGAR test and to clean him up. He scored a 9.9 on the APGAR so we feel good about that. I'm glad he did well on his first test. Maybe that will follow him through his school years. :-)

Dan got lots of video so I'm fully expecting another video like did of Jonah's birth. The only problem is that he wasn't working on his Doctorate at that time so I'm not sure how much time he will have to make a birth video right now. At lease we have the footage for when he does get around to it.
Our immediate thought upon seeing him was how much he looked like Jonah. Even the hair was just like Jonah. They both had that curly black hair upon entering the world but once their bath was done, it straightened out.

And, just like Jonah, Micah has a big head! Yep! Something about us and our big headed babies. I'm not sure how big Micah's is compared to Jonah but I've learned when medical professionals comment consistently on his big head that it means he really does have a big head.

After his bath was done, Dan got to hold him the first time. I couldn't help but giggle because the nurse made him sit down to take Micah. And, she kept instructing him on how to hold him and keep his head up. Apparently she doesn't know he is the Baby Whisperer! :-)
I can't begin to express what a great experience we had. Within minutes of Micah being delivered, I felt better. That sounds so silly but it is true. After 9 months of sickness, I could tell a difference and haven't felt sick once. I'm SUPER hungry all the time now and keep thinking of things I want to eat that I couldn't even look at during this pregnancy. People keep commenting that I look like I feel so good and I really do. Some of it is the euphoric high that comes from holding your newborn baby and some is just that the same newborn baby is on the outside rather than the inside.

We once again feel so very blessed to hold another son in our arms. We love him and expect God to do great things in him and through him. We know we have a great responsibility to raise little boys to be Godly men of Integrity and we don't take that lightly. While I always wanted a little girl, I've accepted (and even relish) my role as "boy momma" and will soak up everything I can to help them be the best little boys that turn into great husbands and fathers. They don't have to look very far to find a great example of that because of the wonderful man that God gave them to be their daddy.

I use this word often when I talk about my family, but I truly believe it so I 'll say it again. I'm BLESSED!


Bonnie (Gallagher) Kicker said...

Super happy for yall! Congrats! Mr. Micah is beautiful.

Renee said...

Congratulations to the whole family. I can't wait to see pictures of Jonah with him ;)

Kacie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! He's beautiful! So glad you're finally feeling better!

Penny said...

Congratulations! :)

Amanda said...

Love the story and so glad that everything went so well!!! Love you guys!


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