Friday, November 12, 2010

Micah's Birth Day: Part Two

After we got to our room and settled in, Micah had his first visitor. Our Student Pastor, Jeff Dowdy came by meet our new fella.

After he left, our most special visitor came to meet his little brother. I could hardly wait to get my hands on Jonah and to see him with Micah. He was totally smitten with him and asked more questions than you would imagine.

He could hardly wait to hold him. It was one of those mommy moments that you never forget. I bought them matching BIG BRO/LIL BRO shirts but the dye from Micah's cord was still very active so I had to put him in something dark rather than his shirt. Don't worry, pics will come soon of them in their shirts with each other.

Our first picture as a family of 4.
Our second picture as a family of 4.

Jonah was ever so curious about Micah's umbilical cord. No amount of explaining helped. Here we are 3 days later and he still doesn't understand why the cord is there.

I read several things online about making your preschooler feel loved and cared for during the birth of your second child. One suggestion was to have framed photos of your firstborn around the room so when he walks in, he knows you have been thinking about him. The other suggestion was to have a gift to him from the baby. We did both but I'm pretty sure that he could not have cared less. All he wanted to do was see his new brother and learn all about him.

Cathi came by after work. She was fully recovered from her "episode" earlier in the day and was ready to get her hands on Micah. I'm so happy that she will hold her own little bundle of joy in just 7 months. YAY!
Jonah has apparently never heard the horror stories of hospital food. He was MORE than happy to eat my tray of dinner. Thankfully, Dan left to go get Chickfila for us while Jonah chowed down on the unappetizing dinner from Halifax.
Margie is a self proclaimed older baby lover. She things newborns are "kind of" cute but she is just fine with the older ones. I'm afraid Micah may have softened her heart just a little.
Jonah just so happened to be there for Micah's first diaper change. TALK ABOUT QUESTIONS!! Wowzers! Then, he almost freaked a little when there was a possibility of some poop on his finger!

After everyone left for the night, Dan got some cuddle time with his little guy. Micah actually opened his eyes several times for him and stared so intently. I think he already knows he got the cream of the crop for a daddy.

Just when we thought visiting hours were over, some of the guys from our church came by for a visit. It was definitely the liveliest/funniest time of our hospital stay. They prayed a sweet prayer for our baby boy and family then left us to settle in for the night. It really was a pretty fabulous day!


Kacie said...

How sweet! You had a lot of visitors to see your sweet boy! Jonah looked so proud in those pictures. I love the one where he's afraid of the poop on his finger! So funny!

Aja said...

This post has brough up many questions for me. A) I'm intrigued by the cord dye. What's that about? They didn't do that in the hospital with Holder. B) What's up with Halifax having bad food? The food at Winnie is so good my mom wanted us to check in there after Miller was born just so we could get fed.

Also, you're welcome that Miller warmed Margie up for Micah- KIDDING! ;)


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