Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just waiting

Jonah was very patient yesterday as he waited for his turn to be in Micah's newborn photos. I think he was just happy that he didn't have to be in ALL the pictures.


Marianne said...

Micah is so handsome! And Jonah is a joy to see with his adoring eyes on his baby brother! Beautiful family! God is so good!

winstead family said...

jonah automatically looks like a BIG boy now! i remember SO vividly the feelings (a mixture) of emotions when we brought blaise home, and how cole's world was completely upside down. it was so bittersweet. throw in a sick/dying mom and well, i was a wreck for the first year.
hang in there nicki, i just LOVE your blog. it's probably my all-time favorite. i know if we lived closer we would hang out all the time. btw, your boys are both so beautiful.
much love!


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