Saturday, November 13, 2010

A few pics from Margie's camera

Margie gave me her memory card from the day of Micah's birth and her time with Jonah. I picked a few of those pictures to share with you. I love seeing things through the eyes of someone else. And, I love Dan's face in the next picture. The tech came in to set up all the supplies for delivery and obviously, Dan was very intrigued.

Everything was set and ready to go and it was time to push. I told you I was feeling great!

Holding my baby boy for the first time after they cleaned him up. Always such a precious moment for a mom. I treasure these memories with both of my boys.
Margie picked Jonah up from school then headed home for a "project." Jonah wanted to make cupcakes for his brother's birthday. I love these pictures of him working so hard and enjoying the process.

And, he can't go to Margie's house without playing with "his" Ipad. I guess this was while he waited on the cupcakes to bake.
He wanted to make strawberry cupcakes so he did. We offered them to nurses at the hospital and they all assumed we had a girl since they were pink! :-)

The next picture makes my heart melt. What a sweet moment!

You can really tell in these pictures how bruised his face was. The next one with Cathi shows it.

The cute flower arrangement my mom sent us. It got to the room just minutes after delivery!
Thank you Margie for sharing these pictures with me.

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