Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Family Visit

My cousin Brandy had her 2nd daughter a couple of weeks ago. Because my grandmother had the opportunity to be at the birth of every other great grandchild except Brandy's first baby, Brandy really wanted her here for the birth of her second. My grandmother wanted to wait and come when Micah was born so she could see him too but I assured her we would make a trip to MS in the first few months of Micah's life so she could see him too. So, she flew in to be part of Bella's birth but wanted to make the trip over to DeLand from Tampa so she could see Jonah and see Micah's room.

Brandy had doctor appointments that day for she and the baby so Sissy and Granny brought Mia with them. Jonah was very happy to hear they were coming and had a blast with her. He is so protective and tries to "help" her with everything. He had a few issues sharing but being 4 years old combined with an only child, that is to be expected. We worked on it a good bit that day and Micah's arrival will certainly help with that.

My Granny now has 9 great-grandchildren with a tenth on the way tomorrow. She loves those little guys and they sure love her. I'm glad she could spend a little time with Jonah at his house just to see him in his element. Being 14 hours away from family isn't always easy but we trust we are where God has called us to be!!

I love days like this when family comes to visit or we get to see them. We are so far from most all of our family so we treasure times like this and when they make the effort to fit us into their schedule, it means so much to us!


Bonnie Kicker said...

Just wanted to stop by and say Congrats! (I know it is early) I can't wait to see Baby Micah. The Kickers will be praying for your family today.
Bonnie Kicker (Gallagher)

Brandy said...

I heard Jonah was great with sharing that day. My mom said he went to get all kinds of toys for Mia to play with. I was so glad Mia was able to come see you guys and it helped me tons not having to take her to all the Dr appointments that day. Can't wait to see Micah. As soon as you feel like it we want to come over one day and meet him and introduce him to Bella. I never dreamed she would have a cousin less than 2 weeks younger than her!


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