Monday, November 1, 2010

The BIG Box

We pulled into our driveway last Tuesday and I noticed a HUGE box waiting by the front door. I knew it was coming and was told it was a huge box but nothing prepared me for just how big it was. Denise warned me that the UPS man would hate us. I'm pretty sure he does.
If you saw the pictures of Jonah's room then you saw the swivel soccer chair in the corner. Our sweet NeNe sent that to Jonah from Taylor and was so thrilled. And, she made sure to include a precious baby gift for Micah. She sent him a monogrammed diaper bag and 5 monogrammed bibs. It just made me more anxious for him to get here. Anyway, back to the chair. Jonah loved it but loved the box full of packing peanuts even more. He played forever in those things. We made him come in when it got dark.

And, just because we are "those" people, we couldn't let the moment pass without Max getting a chance to "enjoy" the packing peanuts as well! Be sure to watch the video to see just how much he liked the big box.

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