Thursday, October 14, 2010

What is vacation?

Our friends Reagan, Malinda and Sara Madalin are in town this week for Disney. They came to church last night then to our house. Jonah was asleep when they left so he woke up asking for them. He continued to ask for them all afternoon. As we were walking through Target, in his whiniest voice available said "I just wish Sara Madalin was at my house playing with me. Why isn't she?" I explained to him that she is on vacation. He said "Vacation, where did she go?" I said "DisneyWorld!" He said "Disneyworld is not vacation!!! Mississippi is a real vacation!!"

Ahem...good to know!


Anonymous said...

Um, close, but Louisiana is REALLY vacation! lol - I enjoyed every minute of y'all's visit...what fun! Thank you for coming!!! I love you guys. I'm up next~

Aja said...

Welcome to raising a child in Central Florida! It still trips me out that people think of Disney as a vacation; it just seems so foreign to me.


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