Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We got glasses!

I got a call from Walmart yesterday telling me Jonah's glasses were ready to be picked up. I was not looking forward to the moment he realized he had to actually wear them. So, rather than having lunch at school today, I told him we would pick him up early and go somewhere special for lunch then to pick up his glasses. When I got to his school, he looked at me with a mean face and said "Mommy, I want you to come back another time when picking me up doesn't mean special lunch or glasses! I DON'T WANT TO WEAR GLASSES!"

I talked to him about his glasses then called Dan to let him know we were about to pick him up but to be aware that he was VERY blue. Dan got in the call all hyped up about glasses but Jonah didn't budge. I finally offered to let him pick out any candy he wanted after he got his glasses. All was well in the world then! (Seriously, a $1 box of Mike & Ike's was all it took!!!)

He loved being in the Optical shop because of the mirror. He thought that was coolest thing ever. He looked like the most vain child in the history of children. He would look at himself then just smile and say "look at me!" I'm thinking a 2 sided mirror might be a good gift for him this Christmas.
Fortunately, as we were leaving lunch, Margie pulled in and let me borrow her camera. So, I was able to have a camera with me. Jonah, as usual, wanted to use the camera so he could take a picture of us. Then, he let me take a picture of him in his new glasses.

After adjusting them, the tech had him look at some things on a sheet of paper. He looked at the smallest type at the bottom and picked out one of his sight words and immediately said "That says t-h-e which is THE!!!"
The real test has been getting him to keep them on this afternoon. He wants to take them off but I'm trying to keep them on through church tonight. I want him to wear them just to see if he notices the difference in things far away.


Barb said...

He looks so bright! (Not that he didn't before, but I guess there's something about glasses that makes someone look intelligent). I hope all continues to go well as he realizes he has to wear them every day.

Christy Bullock said...

He looks absolutely adorable with the glasses on!


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