Thursday, October 7, 2010

Update on Micah

I left the house at 8:20 a.m. and just returned almost 8 hours later. I feel like I have been run over by a truck! My energy is officially gone. I don't remember being this tired with Jonah. I guess spending so much time in bed when I was so sick made me lazy. People constantly remind me how tired I will be when a newborn arrives at our home but I don't think it can compare with sickness/tiredness combo I've had this time around. Aja, if I'm wrong, don't burst my bubble, k? :-)

I saw Dr. White first thing this morning. I actually gained 2 pounds this time. It was my first gain this entire pregnancy. All of the sickness made me lose each time so he was proud to see a + on my paperwork. I think that is the first time anyone has ever been proud of me for gaining weight. Small victories, I guess? :-)

My blood pressure was also low? She was so surprised by that so she took it again. Same number again. Not sure what the deal was there. BP has never been an issue for me so I'm not really concerned. He did my Group B Strep screening today so I will hear results of that the next visit.

When I first visited this office, I told them about being RH negative and gave them a copy of the card I received when I had the Rhogam injection before Jonah was born. Apparently the information was lost somewhere along the way because when I asked the nurse today if I needed the shot again, she kind of freaked. She looked in my chart and found where I had told them I was RH negative but nothing was done about it.

She left the room and I heard her tell another nurse in the lab "We let Glenn slip through the cracks with Rhogam!" All of the sudden, another nurse comes in and asks me if I'm sure I didn't have the shot this time. Yep, pretty sure I'd remember going to the hospital to have blood drawn then getting a shot. By the time I was ready to leave, I was instructed to go straight to the hospital to have the blood drawn and get the injection.

I headed back to DeLand and went to Florida Hospital because I knew it would be much quicker than Halifax or Florida Hospital Ormond. I was right. The lab got me right in, took my blood then told me to return 2 hours later. Then they called to tell me it was IMPERATIVE I return today. I didn't plan not to return but I felt like it was pretty urgent at that point. Dan was in Orlando at a surgery so Jonah and I just hung out at his office during the wait.

After 2 hours, I headed back to the hospital, got more blood work done in the lab then headed up to the OB floor to get the injection. Whew! Now do you see why I'm so tired. LONG day! But, as best I can tell, that is the last of the things I have to do before the baby arrives. I have an ultrasound at my doctors office in 2.5 weeks to check size then after that, there is only 2 weeks left until my due date. And, I can HARDLY wait!!

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