Friday, October 22, 2010

MS/LA Visit: Day Six

Thursday was another super busy day! All of the getting in and out of the car WIPED ME OUT! The tiredness came more from getting Jonah and in and out of his car seat than it did me getting in and out. I'm so grateful for the invention of car seats but on that day, I wasn't very fond of them.

I got to surprise one of my long time friends at work. She had no idea I was in town and almost didn't recognize me when she came to the front. It was fun to see her reaction and then visit with her some. Teresa and I worked for Dr. Ramsey for man years. Then, when I took a new job, she came with me a little later. She was the Matron of Honor in our wedding and just an overall good friend to me for MANY years. I'm so glad I got to see her and hug her even though it was for a short time.

We left her office to meet NeNe (Denise) for lunch at Cheddars. Apparently, she and Jonah had serious business to discuss!
We left there and headed to GiGi's cupcakes. I have only one thing to say about that. YUMMY!

We the sugary goodness of GiGi's cupcakes and headed to Byram to visit my friends at Dr. Ramsey's office. Would you believe I didn't take one picture? They were actually done with patients for the day so I got to visit with Charles and Janice for a couple of hours. That was great. I left there just in time to get to Dan's mom house for dinner and family time!

Jonah was thrilled to see his GiGi. He had been talking about her all day and was ready to see her and play at her house. She has been to visit us in Florida a couple of times for a week each time and he has grown especially attached to her. So, he was happy to see her and "reconnect!"
Not long after we arrived, Darla and her family got there. Darla is due with Rachel just a few days after Micah is due. We are both R-E-A-D-Y to have the babies and feel normal again. She and I were pregnant with our boys at the same time but she was about 3 months ahead of me. So, it has been interesting to walk this road with her this time since we are due days apart.
The boys had SO SO SO much fun together. Jonah has talked about Gavin so many times since we got home. Times like this make me so sad that we live so far apart from cousins. I wish they could grow up together like I did with my cousins.

It was a great night with Dan's family, just a little too short! I also hate that Dan didn't get to be there with us. But, Jonah had a blast and I loved being with his mom and family. Good times.

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