Sunday, October 3, 2010

MS/LA Visit: Day One

For months, Dan has been scheduled to take a class at New Orleans Seminary during the last week of September. There was never a question as to whether we would go with him or not. I am in my last trimester and Jonah is enrolled in VPK. Those two things combined meant we would spend the week at home.

At my last appointment, I casually asked my doctor when the last day I could fly would be. He asked if I meant to a place like Ecuador or Chicago. He said if it was a place like Ecuador then I was done but it I were interested in going to a place with modern medicine and close to hospitals then I could fly through the end of September then after that would need to stick close to home. My wheels started turning about a trip home with Jonah while Dan was in class at New Orleans.

I talked to my old boss in Natchez since he had been trying to get me to come home. We made a few plans but it all still seemed impossible. There was no way flights, rental car and schedule would all work out. But, actually, within about 2 hours, I had flights, a borrowed car and a complete schedule. I hung up the phone with Southwest feeling quite accomplished but soon had my bubble burst when Dan informed me there was no way he could get us to the airport Saturday morning because he committed to play in a golf tournament to benefit Perry Davis' prison ministry.

But, in true fashion, our Florida family stepped in and agreed to take Jonah and I to the airport. I always wanted sisters growing up but I never imagined they would have blond hair!

Jonah was incredibly sad to discover Aunt Jen and Aunt Cathi were not going on our trip with us. He wanted them to go with us so bad. And, knowing how much they love him, I think just a little begging could have convinced them to buy tickets and hop on our flight with us. He finally adjusted his thinking and felt okay about "just mommy" going on the trip with him. He loved the flight. We did LOTS of projects and even some school work.

As we were getting off the plane, one of the flight attendants told Jonah how impressed she was with his behavior. She went on and on about how sweet he was and how she wished all little boys acted like him on the airplane. He looked at her and said "My mommy says I'm sweet but I just want to see the pilot and the cockpit!" Any guesses as to whether she made that happen??
My mom met us at the Jackson airport and after a quick trip to see her new house and then lunch, we headed to my grandmothers house in Byram for time with some of my family and a fabulous meal! When my mom found out we were going to be there Saturday, she asked what I wanted for dinner and dessert. I gave her a few choices and my dessert choice. She and my grandmother spent Friday and then Saturday morning cooking up a storm. I walked into what looked like a typical Thanksgiving meal and 5 (yes, FIVE!) desserts! There was food on this table and all over the counters. It makes me hungry just looking at it again.
My cousin Misty was there and entertained Jonah all afternoon and into the evening. He loves games and she played with him to his hearts content. When I told her how much he loved to play games, she went to her house to get some board games. Jonah was sad when he came out of the bathroom and realized she was gone. I told him she went home to get board games. He said "I'm not bored, I was having fun with her!!!" I guess he confused BORED with BOARD.
It was a long day of travel but good to be with family. And, the food was well worth the trip. There is nothing like my mom and Granny's cooking.

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