Friday, October 15, 2010

Just like you??

We got home fairly late in the afternoon yesterday due to several errands we needed to run. When I picked Jonah up from school, he was on the playground. His glasses were in their case and tucked away in his cubby. His doctor said he only needed them for school, TV and computer. We are slowly "pushing" him to wear them as much as possible but not forcing the issue so much right now. We are hoping he will desire to wear them due to the difference he notices. I asked numerous times over the course of the afternoon if he wanted to wear them and the answer was always NO!

We got home and I was unloading the car when he ran to me and said "Mommy, I just remembered you have glasses like me. Do you want to put yours on and I'll put mine on and we can take a picture? Then, I can be just like you!!" So, we went to my room, got my glasses and then got the new camera I just purchased out of the bag and charged the battery so we could take a picture of both of us wearing our glasses!
He didn't keep them on but for a little over an hour but that was success in my book. He asked to wear them and then wore them for a little while. I'll take that on day 2!


Anonymous said...

He looks so PRECIOUS!!!

Penny said...

sweet. :)


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