Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

**my laptop battery is dying so I don't have time to reread this or spell check it. Forgive me for the many possible errors as I typed so fast. I'll check it tomorrow**

When it came time to pick out Jonah's Halloween costume this year, I knew if I didn't "gently" suggest other alternatives, then he would be Superman or Spiderman. I'm not against either of those but I know that the day is coming that I won't have a choice because he will be determined to wear one of those. So, I took full advantage of the fact that he still cares what I think. I found a couple of cute costumes in a catalog and showed them to him. He immediately chose the Everlast Boxer. Granted, I don't think he has ever seen one moment of a boxing match but he was all about it. I also ordered a pack of bruise tattoos! They totally made the costume.

We had a Fall Festival at the church from 5-7. Jonah was so excited about his costume. We kept telling him to look mean. It was so hard for him to keep a mean face when he is such a smiler. So, of course I took a few pictures of him with his typical Jonah grin.
He loved all the games at the Festival!! He could play games as long as anyone will let him.

He wanted to play more games but all we had to do was show him the bounce houses in the gym and he was fine moving in there. He jumped and jumped and jumped!

We left the church in time to get home for Trick or Treating. We don't like leaving our house dark on Halloween because we want to be a light in our neighborhood. We want to smile and hand out candy and be real with the people who come to our house. But, it is sometimes difficult when you have a child to take around too. So, we planned to both take him to a few houses right beside us then I would be at home handing out candy while Dan took him the rest of the way.

The night did not start well! As soon as we got on the sidewalk and started towards Jaxon's house, Jonah tripped and fell and skidded on the sidewalk. It was not pretty. He screamed. Then he screamed more. He tends to be a bit dramatic when he hurts himself and then he got really freaked when our neighbors got so upset about how bad his face looked. They didn't realize he had bruise tattoos on his face. Dan took him inside to clean him up, spray him with Bactine and put band aids on. Little did we know that would be the least of his problems tonight.

We hit the 4-5 houses right around us then I planted myself in a chair with our candy and off they went. At one point, I heard a child screaming and crying and thought it sounded like Jonah but knew it probably wasn't. Then, out of corner of my eye, I saw Dan coming towards me holding Jonah while he cried. Dan was shaking his head and looked a wee bit frustrated. He said "To say this was a bad night would be an understatement!!!" I asked what happened but he kept walking towards the house while Jonah screamed. I saw the tears on his face and knew something had happened but I thought he was just being whiny and Dan made him come home.

I sat in the chair and continued to give candy to the masses of kids that came through. They stayed inside so long that I assumed Dan had fed, bathed and put Jonah to bed for the night. Then, I heard the door open and out walked Jonah. He was still dressed in his costume but had band aids all over his body and his eyes were still full of tears. I asked what happened and all he could say was he was hurt so bad!

Dan comes out to tell me about the last two houses they visited. He said they were leaving a house when he spotted our neighbor running full speed past them. He thought something must be wrong so he was watching him when Jonah started screaming like something bit him. All he could get out was "that light hurt me, that light hurt me!" Dan looked at his hand to see it blistered. Yeah, he touched a flood light that was super hot and it immediately blistered his little hand. Dan told him they needed to come home but that upset him even more. He begged Dan to keep going so he could "get more candy" so they did.

As they got to the next house, some people were walking back from the front door as they walked up so Dan and Jonah moved to the side. When the did, Jonah got caught in a thorn bush that had come loose and it embedded in his legs and scratched him up. It got caught in his costume so when Dan picked him up, it just moved with him and kept on scratching and scraping him. He was all scraped up and bleeding so they had no choice but to come home. Not only was he in pain, he was sad about having to quit trick or treating.

He seemed okay after he was bandaged and back home because he was able to help hand out candy. He loved that. If someone passed our house without stopping, he would say "Hey, we've got candy up here!" It was really cute.
See this face? It is a great example of how bad his night was.

We came inside, ran his bath water and started peeling off band aids so we could clean the wounds. That wasn't pretty. By this time, he was past his bedtime, hurting, whiny and convinced that this was the worst day of his life. After he was clean and in bed, Dan started putting Neosporin on the different cuts. When Dan got to his leg, he said "Daddy, I don't need any Neosporin there, I need Legosporin!" HAHAHAHA! Dan convinced him it was for legs too. Then, when Dan put it on his fingers, he said "Is that fingersporin too?" Dan told him it was but Jonah quickly outwitted him by saying "I don't see a F on there so how can it be Fingersporin?" (Do we really want him to learn to read???)

That last exchange about the Neosporin was the highlight of the night for us. It really was a hilarious end to a pretty awful evening for our little guy! But, tomorrow is a new day and I'm pretty sure Jonah gets to go to Walmart to pick out any kind of candy he wants. It seems Dan promised him that on the trek back home when he was so upset.


Barb said...

Poor boy! But that costume is awesome.

Baylee's Mommy said...

Poor Jonah!!!! Kid can't catch a break. Love the costume.

Penny said...

Awww! I love the neosporin conversation too.
About the reading... Mason, our 6 yr. old grandson, carved "I *heart* Taylor Swift" into the side of his mom's vehicle. It wasn't spelled exactly right, but very close. A couple of weeks later, at his kindergarten graduation, I told his teacher about his mischief and told her, "Thanks for teaching him Phonics. Way to go." LOL


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