Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A future in Song Writing?

As a parent, I have seen Jonah do some things for the first time and have often wondered if he would end up doing that as a career. I really have no expectations of what he will be when he grows up but at the same time, I always try to capture those moments on paper or film so that we can look back and say "remember when he hit his first golf ball or built his first building out of legos or designed a city with various toys or like yesterday, wrote his first song?" He had his guitar in the living room and was playing and singing with all his might. After the second (made-up) song, I opened my laptop and started typing the words he was saying. He never paused as he sang. It was as if this were and actual song. So, I typed it as he said it. Now, if he ever wins Songwriter of the Year, the awards show can feature this blog post and everyone in the audience can giggle at what a funny song he made up at 4 years old. And if he doesn't ever win Songwriter of the Year, his mom can just look back on this day when he was 4 years old and remember how cute he was has he sang and played his guitar!

somebody fell of the ladder

when they fell off the ladder, the ladder fell too

and when they fell they already fell

when the fell somebody was coming

they put the ladder back up

and they climbed back up on the ladder

enny minny miney mo catch a tiger by the toe

we are one of my favorite songs

yeah, yeah, yeah

and we are watching football

and it might be a little tricky to catch a tiger by the toe-oe

1 comment:

Barb said...

LOL! Jonah is a silly boy, but I love the idea of him being a songwriter.


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