Monday, September 13, 2010

Jonah's 4 year well check

We took Jonah to his 4 year well check a couple of weeks ago. I've intentionally waited to post about this due to some of the findings from his visit. I'll catch you up on the visit from two weeks ago and then bring you current through today. After he was measured and weighed, they took his blood pressure. It was then that I noticed his shorts were on backwards. Yeah, look below and you will see the little p0lo horse on the back rather than the front. I gasped and said "DAN, his pants are on BACKWARD!!" We both giggled. Typically, I would have dressed Jonah but I was VERY sick (thanks again Baby Micah!) the two hours leading up to Jonah's appointment so I had to call Dan to come home 30 minutes early to get Jonah out of the tub and dressed. He came in a hurry and then dressed Jonah in a hurry. Ooops!
While we were at the nurse's station getting measured and checked, they did a hearing test on Jonah. He passed with his left ear but failed with his right ear. He couldn't hear a thing out of that ear. We later discovered it was due to the gunk in his ear from the issue with the tube. After seeing the ENT the next week, we fully believe his hearing will be restored in that ear as soon as we can get that tube out of there and that ear drum can begin to heal. We are still a week away from that appointment.

Jonah has met or exceeded all of the milestones that he should have by this age. He was able to answer all of the questions and do all of the tasks requested by the doctor and nurse practitioner.

They did an additional vision screening on him since he is now four years old. He was completely uncooperative when being asked questions about what he was seeing. I was standing next to him and knew that he knew exactly what a barn was or what a flower was but he kept saying he didn't know what it was. Finally, Dan got down and gave him "the talk." He told him to straighten up and start acting like a big boy and to answer the questions they asked him. He never did. We chalked it up to exhaustion after a full day at preschool.

The doctor asked if we wanted a test done that was not covered by insurance but would take a picture of his eyes and would accomplish the same thing as the test they tried to do with him. We consented and signed the form stating we were told it was not covered by insurance. We were then moved to a room where they showed Jonah some binocular looking things and told him the lights would go off and for him to stare at the red light.

I was sitting where I could see the picture of eyes on the computer screen. As soon as the first picture snapped, she said "Um, he wasn't kidding...he can't see!" Big bright red letters flashed across the screen and it said "REFER!" She said she would try once more to see if she got the same reading. It immediately showed "REFER" again. I could feel my eyes filling with tears! We had both just gotten on to Jonah and really been tough on him about not doing what was asked of him when he was doing exactly what was asked, he just couldn't see what they were asking him to describe.

They moved us to a different room to wait for the doctor and I started thinking of some of the things Jonah's teacher had said to me over the last week about his behavior. They were all things that had to with him being in trouble because he essentially couldn't see or hear. My mommy heart was breaking. I was trying not to have a total breakdown because he was right there and we were still waiting for the doctor. I kept telling Dan that I couldn't believe we had not caught either of these things.

The doctor came in and referred us to a Pediatric Opthalmolagist in Maitland and the ENT in Orange City. She told me to make the appointments for both ASAP. Today was the first time they could see him for his eyes. I'll write more about that later. I have a few things that need to be done before I can get into that.

P.S. Jonah weighs 39.2 pounds and is 40 1/4 inches tall.

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Christy Bullock said...

Thanks for sharing this. Tucker's 4year well check is scheduled for tomorrow, and he has already said he doesn't want to go. I know all he will have to go through since we did it with Tyler, and I am dreading it too. I also know he can be quite uncooperative sometimes. I am going to keep these things in mind to help remain calm if he doesn't "cooperate." We just assume our babies are perfect and healthy most of the time. I hope and pray everything goes well with the other doctors.


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