Sunday, September 26, 2010

Eye Doctor: Round 1

I mentioned in an earlier post about Jonah failing his vision test at his 4 year check up appointment. We were referred to a pediatric Opthamologist but had to wait a couple of weeks to get there. The only day they could see me was a day that Dan had obligations with work that he could not miss. So, I put on my brave face and headed towards Orlando with a sweet little boy.

I didn't really prepare him for what was ahead because I didn't know. I've been seeing eye doctors since I was 4 or 5 years old but I didn't want to hype him up for something that I didn't know would happen or not. So, we just took things as the came and I explained to him what was going on as it happened.

I wish I had known to prepare him for the eye drops that dilated his eyes because they burned and made his vision so blurry. He did not handle that well at all. Fortunately, a little snuggle time with mommy made it better.
When the Doctor came in and did his exam, he wrote lots of things in the the chart and kept saying "mmmhmmm, mmmhmmmm." That led me to believe he was agreeing with his pediatrician. As soon as he turned to me, he said "he MUST have glasses ASAP." I felt my eyes fill with tears and the typical "hold it together" person that I am completely lost it. I kept wiping my tears and trying to keep Jonah from seeing me cry. But, I knew what that meant for him and it broke my heart. Besides, he had already told me he "never wanted to wear any glasses" when he saw the racks of them in the waiting room.

The doctor continued to brief me on Jonah's eyes only for me to discover he had lots of issues that needed to be addressed. One eye was seeing 80/20. The other was 40/20. That big of a difference is apparently a problem. He has an astigmatism. He has calcium deposits on the backs of his eyeballs that will require an ultrasound of his eyes as soon as he can endure it. Apparently, 4 year olds aren't exactly cooperative for that sort of thing.

He explained that Jonah needed to wear glasses from the moment he woke up until the lights were off in his room at night. He told me there wasn't much hope of him every doing without them and he would get worse as he aged. The more he talked, the sadder I became. I know this is a very minor issue compared to what some parents deal with but it didn't matter. I was sad for him.

He sent us on our way with a prescription for glasses and everything written down for me so I could explain it to Dan when I got home. We headed out to the lobby so we could pick out frames. I put the first pair on him and he started crying and begging me not to make him wear them. BROKE. MY. HEART. You can see in the following pictures that he never warmed up to the idea. I didn't take the pictures to document this experience. I took the pictures to show Dan some of the frames. Needless to say, we didn't order any of these because his sad face and eyes totally swayed our opinion.

I finally had to just leave. I couldn't do this by myself. He was crying. I was a wreck. The baby was making me sick. I just wanted Dan to help. And, I just wanted to take my sweet boy out of that and let him be a little boy who didn't have to wear glasses again. Since his eyes were dilated, he had to wear special shades on the way to the car. He thought those were super cool!
Later that night, we met up with Dan and tried to find frames at Target Optical. As soon as we walked in, the tears started again. We kept forcing him to smile so we could see the real Jonah under those frames but you can still see the red, swollen, sad eyes.

On the way home from Target, we both decided to get a second opinion. We don't want to question the doctor but at the same time, we want to make sure we are getting the best care possible for Jonah. Neither of us had a real peace about Jonah's vision being as bad as he said because we have never noticed him squint or have headache issues. So, the next day, Dan made a phone call to a lady in our church who works for a group of Opthomologists. She was very understanding of our doubts and made an appointment for us to see one of her doctors who isn't a Pediatric doc but does have small children.

Stay tuned for what we learned at that visit.


Christy Bullock said...

Oh, Nikki! I can understand your broken heart for your baby who didn't want glasses. I'll be praying for you all as you go through this ordeal. Jonah is such a good, sweet and very handsome boy - glasses or no glasses.

Barb said...

That poor boy. Those pictures are pitiful! But he's adorable with or without glasses - he looks so smart. :)


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