Sunday, August 1, 2010


Jonah could hardly wait to get home from church last Sunday so he could open another present. It was so cute to see him get into the presents this year for the first time. He loved EVERY single gift and has played his heart out with them. This has been so fun! We let him choose the gift he wanted to open and he went for the biggest package. We told him it was from us and he said "You got me a present too?" He makes us laugh!
He opened his Imaginext Dragon World Fortress from us. He gasped and said "This is from Target!" Hilarious! And, right after he opened the gift, he made sure to think us and then gave big hugs. I was glad to capture the hug to has daddy with the camera.
After he played with his Dragon Fortress, he settled down for a while and read some of his Tag books. He has really enjoyed that also. We used some of his birthday money from friends to order more books and National Geographic cards from I think that is a gift he will enjoy for a long time. Thanks Jaxon!

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