Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rotten ears

It seems Jonah got Dan's ears! There are many traits and attributes that I hope and pray Jonah takes from his dad but those rotten ears were never part of that grouping. Dan has had ear issues since he was a baby. Jonah had his first set of tubes at 9 months old. Since then, he has continued to have problem after problem.
Fortunately, he has never really complained about it. We only know there is an issue because of the yuckiness oozing out. (Which, actually means the tubes are doing their job draining.) So, a couple of weeks ago, when Jonah kept saying his ear hurt and actually complaining and even crying, we knew there was an issue. I called his regular pediatrician only to be told they could not see him. This has happened on more than one occasion since we moved here. I could understand if we were chronic sick people or drove them crazy but we literally only call if he is sick and don't cause any problems when we go. So, after visiting emergency clinics with my little guy for issues like these, I decided it was time for a pediatrician change.
Most of you know that we loved, adored, appreciated, (insert any wonderful adjective here) our pediatrician in Natchez, "Docka Russ." She really is the best doctor I've ever experienced. (for an adult or a child) So, it was a big adjustment for us leaving her. I tried not to let that jade my experiences here. I just never felt like Jonah was getting the best care at the new office so it was time for a change. I have friends who use that office and LOVE it. It just tells me that it wasn't the place for us. So, when his ears were bothering him so much, we made the switch to a different pediatric group.
And, we loved it! As a matter of fact, Jonah's 4 year well check will be there in a couple of weeks. I was super impressed with the the time they took to explain things to us. Jonah was super impressed that the doctor to time to check Lammy's ears and heart before he checked his. Lammy, by the way, got a clean bill of health. I liked how they spoke to Jonah and included him in the conversations. It was just an overall good experience for us and I feel more at peace about his health care than I have in the past year.

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Penny said...

It's great you found one you are comfortable with~ especially since Micah will be needing one soon. :)


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