Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A new dentist

Most of you know that I started working in Dentistry when I was fifteen. I had the privilege of working for some of the best Dentists out there. Because of that, I have a hard time going to a new place. When we lived in Vidalia, we still drove the 2 hours back to Jackson for dental care just because that was the office I spent over 10 years working at. The people there are like family to me.

I have been dreading seeing anyone new here because of the chore of finding a reputable office. I could tell you horror stories of unethical Dentists out there. So, moving to a new place and having no professional recommendation was tough. Based on the recommendation of several people, we finally settled on a new Dentist and took Jonah in to try him out. Hey, I'm no dummy! I knew nothing they did on him would be invasive and I could watch everything because I would go back with him. Perfect plan if you ask me! :-)

I made the mistake of scheduling his appointment after his first day of school. Who does that? As if I hadn't messed his day up already by sending him to school, I then picked him up and headed straight to a doctor. Nice! But, he surprised me and was EXCELLENT! He answered every question with a sir and mam. He did exactly as they asked him to do.

Whenever a dentist wants to use the explorer to check the teeth, he usually says something like "Open wide so I can count your teeth." Jonah has had 4 other dental visits so he is very used to the drill. When Dr. Kelley said that, Jonah said "I have 20!" They both looked at me. I said "We're dental nerds at our house, we count teeth for fun!" (Note to self: Find new hobby!) :-)

His visit was great. He was very well behaved and had no cavities. It is crazy to think that when we go back in six months, I'll have an infant carrier with me. WOWZERS!

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