Saturday, August 21, 2010

Little Bookworm

Before Jonah was born, we started buying him books. By the time he arrived, he had a library that rivaled some adults. (in quantity) My friend Amanda has given him books for every occasion (and non occasion) over the past four years. Many friends and family have given him books here and there and even his sweet Vidalia friends sent him a package full of books earlier this year with a DVD of them all reading the stories to him. Dan and I are both readers and we hoped to pass this love onto Jonah. I think we have been successful!

I walked into his room last Saturday morning and could not see him but I heard him talking. I walked around to the other side of his room and was sitting on the floor with big and little Lammy reading books to them. I sat down next to him and just smiled as I listened to him read to his best friends. It didn't last too long because once I arrived, he quickly handed the books over to me and asked me to read instead.


Aja said...

I love it! This reminds me of our conversation this week. The very next day, someone who comes to my house and my parents' house often commented to me that she had never seen a child with as many books as Holder. It made me so happy! I'm sure y'all feel the same way.

Shoshanah said...

I don't have any kids yet, but children's books are my weakness. I could spend forever looking over books in the children's section of a bookstore. I can only imagine how many books I'm going to wind up buying for my future children.


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