Sunday, August 8, 2010

He loves him some Mrs. Margie!

After Jonah went to bed last Sunday night, Dan got his new easel out of the garage and went to work on putting it together. We had it out for him when he woke up Monday morning. To top things off, Margie had offered to come over for the day to spend time with him so I could get work done on the three rooms in the back that were flip-flopped and do some more consigning. When he heard that news, he could hardly contain himself. She walked in the door and he asked to paint. So, guess what they did!

He moved to the other side of the easel to show off his writing skills. I'm not sure what age a child learns to make letters equal height but we aren't there yet.

While their first painting dried, they moved on to make sock puppets. If you know Jonah well, you know he is really into anything artsy or crafty. We often wonder how he could be our child since he is so into art. But, we try to foster that anyway, even though we don't quite posses that talent. Fortunately, he is going to take art lessons this fall from a girl at church.

They spent over an hour making those puppets that say they are 3 year olds. Margie is convinced you must be a super smart 3 year old to finish those puppets on your own. But, they persevered and ended up with the cutest sock puppets and even put on a puppet show for me.

Once they were done with puppets, (for the time being) they moved on to the Super File Folder of games that Amanda made him. Can you tell they played lots that day? They touched most every toy, game and art project he has!!

Margie literally spent the ENTIRE day with us. I was so grateful for the help and Jonah treasured being the center of her attention all day long.


Amanda said...

What a wonderful friend to do that for you guys! I bet Jonah LOVED every minute of his special day with Mrs. Margie. It also warms my heart to see him playing with his games so much! Yay! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Margie! I love you!


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