Saturday, August 21, 2010

Getting ready for Micah

One of the great deals I found at the JBF Consignment sale last week was a Baby Boy Moses Basket and Stand. I've always thought Moses Baskets were super cute but not all that practical. I never knew they made stands for them. Considering we don't have a bassinet and plan for Micah to be in our room for the first few weeks, this thing caught my eye. When I saw the price for it, I was sold. The best part is that I can turn around and sell it at the February JBF sale for what I paid for it. I like deals like that. You'll notice a video at the end of this post that shows Jonah putting the two Lammys into the bassinet and rocking them. It is so sweet to see how helpful he plans to be and how gentle he is when he talks about Micah.

Saturday night, Frank & Margie came over to deliver our baby furniture. We thought we would just unbox it all later but Frank graciously came prepared to work. He and Dan took those things out of boxes and got serious about getting the room ready. The two bigger pieces were completely put together except for putting the feet on the bottom. The hard part was getting them out of the boxes and all of the packaging materials off of them.

While they were hard at work, Jonah and Margie played on "Jonah's" Ipad. It makes all of us laugh because Margie got that as a gift for Mother's Day and her birthday but soon after she received it, she let Jonah play with it. From that time forward, he has called it his Ipad. I think he firmly believes it is his but just lets Margie hold on to it for him.

The crib was the most detailed because it had to be put together but Dan said it was so much easier than Jonah's crib. It took him, Darryl and Taylor an entire afternoon to put it together back in 2006. This easy crib was a welcome change for him.
Micah's room is now arranged, changing pad placed on the table, curtains hung and completely cleaned out. Our new rocker will arrive Tuesday and I'm on the hunt for a crib mattress. As soon as the rocker and mattress are in place, I'll post pictures.


Baylee's Mommy said...

So how did your items do in the consignment sale?

Malinda said...

I love the color of the furniture. I can't wait to see pics of the rest of the room.


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