Sunday, August 22, 2010

First Day of VPK

Last Monday, August 16, Jonah had his first day of VPK. He was super excited about getting up that morning, grabbing his lunchbox and backpack and heading out the door. Unfortunately, his new backpack that I ordered online had not come in yet so we used a Stephen Joseph backpack I bought in Natchez before we moved. He was very happy to sport his new Spiderman Lunch box that Uncle Jeff & Aunt Cathi gave him for his birthday.

Dan & I both took him to school on the first day. Typically, Dan will take him every morning on his way to work then I pick him up most every day. Neither of us wanted to miss his first morning so we were more than happy to both go. When we got there and hung his backpack in its spot, I couldn't help but laugh. The L.L. Bean backpack on the left and right of his are exactly like the one I ordered for him except his is green. I guess that was a popular choice for parents of 4 year olds.

After we forced him to give us goodbye hugs and kisses, he took off into the classroom and never looked back. He could hardly wait to get in there and start his day. That sure makes things easier on the mommy and daddy!!!

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Penny said...

The older Jonah gets, the more I think he looks like you. Same eyes and smile. It'll be interesting to see if Micah looks more like their daddy. :)


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