Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Final Birthday Hoorah

Jonah's last 4th birthday celebration was at Flagler Beach the Thursday after he turned 4. The Wood family has adopted him as their own and he certainly relishes that. He will be with them when Micah is born and I'm beginning to wonder if he will even want to live with us after the fabulous time he will have. They love him and he certainly loves them and that makes this mommy's heart so happy. When you live away from every bit of your family, it is nice to have people who seem like family even though there is no blood relation.

They rented a condo at Flagler for two weeks and invited us to spend some time with them there. Jonah and I loaded up early that Thursday morning and headed there for a little time in the sun with all the girls. I told Jonah he would be the only boy there all day until all the guys came in later that night. He had zero problem with that. I think he kind of likes be the attention of several women! :-)

Later that night, after we had a yummy salmon dinner, we got to enjoy watching Jonah be surprised with an exciting scavenger hunt, super fun gift and birthday cupcakes. He had no idea there was a surprise so the excitement level was super high. Cathi read a clue to him so he could find his first gift. She had two clues written on each sheet. I took pictures so you could read them too. So creative!

Each place he went let him to a new supply for his fun and exciting gift. He ran into the garage and spotted what has now become one of his most favorite EASEL!

This little boy is so blessed to have people in his life who love him and do special things for him. He never lacks for love or attention.

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