Friday, July 2, 2010

Sock wrestling!

Currently, Dan is propped up in his recliner with ice on his back and neck. This is why! NOTHING like your youth pastor beating you up!

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Amanda said...

Dan, how many UFC fights have we all watched together? Did you not pick up on any moves from Forrest, Tito, St. Pierre, Matt Hughes, or Rich Franklin? Where was the arm bar? Where was the kimura? Where was the triangle? Come on! You need to study up and get ready for next year. No more losses! Only victories from here on out! You got it? We do not accept defeat!

BTW...I laughed super hard at your thigh high green socks. Priceless Dan Glenn moment right there. Oh, and Nicki, I don't know how in the world you were able to keep the camera so still while you videoed. Great job! Help your hubby train for next year, too. He's going to need it.


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