Thursday, July 22, 2010

My kitchen helper

Jonah loves to cook. Let me say that again. Jonah LOVES to cook. He loves to be in the kitchen while I cook. He never passes up an opportunity to "help" me. Sometimes it is fun for me. Sometimes it is a struggle to let him help. Sometimes I take the opportunity to cook something just because I know how much it will mean to him to be part of it.

I wanted to let him help put the kabobs on the skewers but after I poked myself several times, I opted to let him offer direction on what went next. He would tell us which piece of meat or which vegetable to put on. He loved it because he was the boss. (And, just so you know, the kabobs were WONDERFUL!!!)


Nikki said...

That's adorable, and he looks so cute and summery!

Barb said...

Love that spikey hair! He's looking so big!


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