Friday, July 23, 2010

More Louisiana friends

When we moved to Vidalia in July of 2002, we had no idea just how many precious friends God would bless our lives with. We were so fortunate to be part of a church staff with such wonderful people. Gary is now on staff at Northbrook Baptist Church in Cullman, AL. Jason is on staff at Temple Baptist Church in Ruston, LA. We miss being so far from them and certainly miss working with them. The three guys were known as "The Dream Team" because of how well they worked together and accomplished for the kingdom. Those really were good times.

Over the years, we have gotten together and been able to spend time together. A couple of weeks ago, Jason's family came to DeLand to visit us. They also got to do a day at Disney and a couple of Days at Daytona Beach. It was so good to spend time with such good friends. We saw them last when Jada was pregnant with Jase so it was our first time to meet him. What a cutie he is. He will be two in October and is incredibly personable and well behaved. I totally could have kept him! :-)

Jalyn is such a wonderful big sister. She and Jase are the exact spacing of what Jonah and Micah will be. I was so encouraged to see the sweet relationship they shared and hopeful of a brother/brother bond like those two have. He adores her and she is amazing with him. I found her quite a few times just holding him in her lap.

They spent Monday at Disney then did the Orlando outlet malls Tuesday. We planned to meet them in Daytona for dinner and my little swimmer needed a nap. I encouraged him to lay in our bed and nap. If memory serves me correctly, this is his first nap ever in our bed. You would have thought I was torturing him to make him sleep in there. I knew his room was dark and comfy and that he would sleep for several hours. I needed a power nap so I encouraged this. I had to snap a picture just to show his daddy.
After a wonderful dinner at Carrabbas, we went outside for a few pictures. I love seeing pictures of my little boy with kids of friends. We were all so close long before these little ones were ever thought of. So, it is fun to see them spend time together and be buddies.

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Penny said...

Jada and Kristin were Shelbi's fifth grade teachers. I couldn't have asked for better teachers! Wished I had paid attention to you mentioning they were visiting you~ when you talk to Jada or Kristin direct them to my blog so they can see how far Shelbi's come. They were so good to her. :)


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