Saturday, June 26, 2010

Toy Story 3

Over two years ago, Dan & were sitting in our living room in Vidalia, LA both with our laptops out and one of us spotted a headline that said Toy Story 3 was in production. We were giddy! We loved Toy Story but at that time, our little guy was obsessed with it. He adored Woody and Buzz. From that moment forward, we kept searching online for the release date. So, once we knew June 18th was the date, we planned towards it. We dared not mention it to Jonah because we didn't want to hear the unending questions about when he could finally go see it.
As a matter of fact, we left the house that morning without even telling him. I had an OB appointment to check on Micah and my doctor spilled the beans to him when he saw his shirt. He (rightly) assumed we were headed to the theater. Jonah still didn't quite grasp where were headed or why. He was just happy to be out with his mommy and daddy for the day.

But, then, as we sat down at Johnny Rockets for lunch, the alter ego of my sweet child came out. Nothing we did pleased him. He was just in a plain rotten mood! Dan even took him out to have a "talk" with him. It never got better. Look at the disposition of this "sweet" boy.

Dan showed him how silly he looked. That didn't matter. He was just in a plain rotten mood. We gave him one last chance to perk up before the movie or we were heading home. Fortunately, he knows that we don't often threaten him in vain and his attitude changed.
He turned to smiles and giggles and we all enjoyed the day with Woody and Buzz. We love those movies and this one did not disappoint. This momma and daddy cried...a lot! One day, it will be our boy going off to college and we will be the ones saying goodbye. It seemed all to real while watching the movie. All of the sudden, we were the ones in the rotten mood!

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