Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He's growing up!

I called home last night from the Southern Baptist Convention to talk to Jonah. Anna said "Jonah, your mom is on the phone. She wants to talk to you." I then hear him say "No thanks!" (At least he was polite about it!) I told her to tell him we loved him. His response..."Okay!"

I posted that on facebook and got a couple of replies and even and direct message telling me that he is "growing up" and "doesn't need us the same way he used to" and it "only gets worse." I want to go on record saying that I'm not the least bit bothered that he didn't rush to the phone. You see, from day one, we have purposed ourselves to help Jonah love other people and be comfortable if he was not in our presence.

We would never leave him with anyone that we did not trust explicitly so I will never be upset when he is so happy and content that he doesn't want to stop the fun to talk to me. I am completely confident and secure in his love for us and dependency upon us. So, at times like this when we need to be away from him, I'm glad he says "No thanks" versus tears and screams and begging us to come get him.

Yes, he is growing up and no, he may not need us like he used to but isn't this what we work for and strive for as parents? It isn't always easy to see them grow but it is necessary and such a fun journey to be part of!


Lori said...

I guess for the rest of us who see this for the first, we time think "well of course you would not want him crying and begging to see you." I think it is funny if someone implies otherwise.
But you are right there are times, where your heart tugs as they become more independent.

winstead family said...

nicki, you are one of the wisest moms i know. i just soak up every word you say.

Debbe Glenn/ Gigi said...

Roots and Wings: two of the most valuable gifts parents can give to a child. Sounds like Jonah is strong in the confidence of your love and support. Good job on developing these concepts early in his little life. He WILL go far but always be close to you in heart. That is what it's all a about.


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