Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Daytona Children's Museum

Back in May, when our friends were here from MS, Jonah missed his school field trip to the Daytona Children's Museum because we all went to the shuttle launch instead. So, the next week, we decided to get up that Saturday and take him. It was practically empty when we got there. We walked in and made our first stop at the Pizza Kitchen. Jonah put his apron on and I helped him prepare his first pizza.

I found it rather odd that he put so many toppings on his pizza that he won't let near his lips. He loaded it down with green peppers, banana peppers and olives. He would rather starve than eat any of those things. And, as far as the green peppers go, I'm with him on that. None of us are fans of bell peppers. Ugh!
After he rolled his pizza, (yes, most people do that before sauce and toppings) he placed it in the oven and then went to the register to ring up the order. Please note the price of his pizza. You might want to refrain from ordering any pizza from him in the future. That is some pricey pizza!

I helped him get the pizza out then put it in the box. He used the pizza cutter to cut it and then we moved on to the next exhibit.

While Jonah rode the Harley over and over and over, Dan figured out how DNA worked and is now ready for his own spot on CSI.

We ventured into the preschool play area and quickly spotted a very familiar slide/play area. It is just like the one in the nursery at FBC, Vidalia that Jonah spent three years playing on and under. I made him pause for a picture.

We did all sorts of fun things but the pizza trumped it all. He wanted to go back in there to make more pizza before we left. He stuck with plain ole pepperoni that time.

Before heading out, we stopped to look at the trains. Jonah wanted to ride but they were stationary. I'm thinking we are gonna need to do the AMTRAK ride to Sanford soon. He would LOVE that.

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Baylee's Mommy said...

What a fun day! You look GREAT by the way!


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