Friday, May 7, 2010

Superman...and the Glenn boys!

***EDIT: It is now 12:29 a.m. and I can't hang anymore. I'm off to dreamland. But, I still hear a sweet little 3 year old voice talking to his daddy in the living room.

***EDIT: It is currently 11:36 p.m. and he is still going. Yep, 3 hours and 36 minutes past his bedtime.

As I type this, there is a very sweet father/son bonding time going on in my living room. Let me set it all up for you. Earlier today, we were on our way to soccer and Jonah asked if he had to go to bed when we got home. Dan told me he had been thinking about letting Jonah stay up as late as he wanted one night, mainly just to see how long he would last. But, there is also that issue of sometimes getting to say "yes" to your child. So many times in parenting, you have to say no but there are times when it doesn't make a difference and you should say yes just to let them know that you care about their feelings and will sometimes do something JUST because they want to do it. So, this suddenly became one of those "yes" nights.

At 10:15, Jonah
got to eat ice cream. (He normally gets frozen Gogurt rather than ice cream so this was a real treat!) Then, he and his dad changed into their Superman PJ's and Jonah is watching his very first grown-up movie...SUPERMAN!

I love these moments. I love that my little boy would rather sit in his daddy's lap than be any other place in this world. I love that Dan is the kind of daddy that realizes sometimes rules are less important than the memory that could be made in the moment. And most of all, I love this sweet life that God has given me with these Glenn boys!


Cristi said...

Just imagine another little baby Glenn right there in the crook of his arm in that last picture. Soon :)

rob h said...

Son of Jor-El....KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!!!

Barb said...

How special!

destinmimi said...

Nicki.. if there were more parents like you and Dan the world would be a much better place!!

Vera said...

I was just thinking how nice it is that the 'yes' night was Dan's idea so Nickie can go to bed and 'enjoy' her boys' bonding experience!!!

Audra Laney said...

Dan is a sweetheart! So sweet of you guys to say "yes" when you can. :) I love that there was a theme included in the night. I look forward to doing this one day!

4 J's said...

Too sweet! I want to know how long he lasted.


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