Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I remember being a college student and then a young married lady with no children around Mother's Day and Father's Day. I used to look at the "silly" gifts children would give their parents for those holidays and wonder how on earth I would pretend to like these insignificantI came up with a plan in my head of how I would make a big deal in front of the kid but then sneak it all into the trash!

Then, I had a child of my own. And, in May of 2007, he gave me a gift he made. (well, kind of made) I cried. I treasured it. I put it in a safe place. I took pictures of it just in case anything happened to it. And now, here I am 3 years later and I can hardly wait to see the gifts Jonah makes and gives to me around Mother's Day. Those have become some of my most treasured items. Not because of their monetary worth but because of the little hands that gave them to me.

gifts when I had a child of my own.

I was so excited to feel okay on Mother's Day. I had missed many weeks of church and was afraid that day would be another. I got up early enough to take Zofran in hopes of it kicking in so I could enjoy the day. Before leaving for church, we headed out to take some pictures. As you can see, Jonah was thrilled with the idea of photos outside.

So, we headed inside and decided to try pictures after church instead. We got a few but he was way to excited about our afternoon plans to sit still for long.

I'm thinking we should have told him AFTER pictures that we were heading to EPCOT for the rest of the day. The Flower Festival was coming to an end and we had not seen it yet so I wanted to go. I wasn't sure how long I could last but figured it would be fun no matter how long we were there.

The Flower Festival is something you really need to see if you ever have the chance. It is amazing what they do with flowers.

Since EPCOT isn't really know for being all about kiddos, they have a neat thing called KIDcot stations throughout the different countries. At your first stop, you get a blank mask. Each country has markers so you can add to your mask decor. It gives the kids a chance to stop and do something fun in each place. Also, there is a person who is native to the country you are visiting who writes your name in that language on the back of your mask and gives you a stamp for visiting that country.

We didn't make it to four or five countries before I started going downhill pretty quickly. We knew Jonah would be sad to leave "while it is still daylight" so we told him he could swim when he got home. Not a tear was shed. He was super pumped to get home and get in the pool. As you can see, it didn't take long for him to relax!

It was a great day for our family that started with a wonderful worship service and ended with lots of relaxation and snuggles from the little boy who gifted me with the title "MOMMY!"

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Aja said...

I'm so glad you got to have a good Mother's Day with your boys. It's so funny that you said EPCOT isn't known for being kid friendly. I thought the same thing before we went the other week for Flower and Garden. But after going to MK, AK and EPCOT over the past month, I actually like EPCOT the best, even for the kids. I like the pace and the KidCOT stations and of course, the temporary playgrounds and such. Holder loved it the most too. There's something about our family that doesn't quite mesh with MK- it stresses us all out!


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