Saturday, May 15, 2010

I LOVE my life!

On September 3, 1998, in New Orleans, LA, Dan Glenn got on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was a story book proposal. Seriously, it was! It started with flowers being delivered to my hotel room at the Hilton. (I was there for a Dental Convention.) The card attached to the flowers told me lots of sweet things but ended with "Your carriage awaits! Meet me outside the front of the hotel!" After a carriage ride through the French Quarter, we were dropped off by the river and serenaded by a saxophone player Dan hired. PERFECT NIGHT! I didn't think life could ever get better than that single moment. I. WAS. WRONG!!!

On May 15th of the following year, I got all dressed up in a fancy white dress and surrounded by the people I loved most in this world, I vowed to love, honor and cherish Dan Glenn. He sang a super sweet song to me and in front of almost 500 people and the God we both serve, we vowed to devote our lives and love to each other regardless of what came our way. We kissed, turned to the crowd grinning, and walked out of Southside Baptist Church as man and wife. Once again, I thought life could never be better and once again I was wrong.

As of today, May 15, 2010, I have been Mrs. Robert Daniel Glenn for 11 years. Those 11 years have just gotten better and better. We have had some major life changes in that time and have come out stronger than we started. We added a bundle of joy who stole our hearts almost 4 years ago and our commitment just got stronger. We stand on the verge of becoming a family of 4 plus a dog and we just hold on even tighter. Every day is a journey and I'm so grateful that God chose Dan to be my partner.

There is no big celebration this year. There is just love. There is a reminder that 11 years have passed but that is only the beginning of what God has in store for us. There is a little boy sleeping down the hall who is watching us each day to learn how to treat his spouse and children one day. There are friends and family who need us to be the best example of God's grace and love that we can be. So, we forge into year 12 happier than we've ever been. And, I just wonder if life could ever get any better than it is right now?


Penny said...

Well, my emotions are crazy this week with Shelbi graduating and all so thanks for making me tear up first thing this morning. JK
Sweetest anniversary post ever. Love the proposal story. :)
Hope you are coming out of the bad part of your sickness.

Linda said...

What a nice tribute to your marriage. My hubby and I have been married almost 45 years, and it still gets better all the time.

I found you by Penny's blog. I'll come back and read your entries.


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