Saturday, May 1, 2010

Easter Happies

Before Jonah went to bed on the night before Easter, he got to open all of his mail with Easter happies. Several packages and cards came for him in the days before Easter but I was so sick that Dan just put them up until I could get out of bed to watch him open them.

Some of his special friends in Vidalia always send him dollar bills for his lunch money. It has become quite hysterical. Back at Halloween or Christmas, he got a card in the mail from Sue with ten one dollar bills. He immediately put it in his pocket and said "I'll give this money to Mrs. Nancy for lunch!" You may recall that we had a small issue with Jonah wanting to stay to eat lunch with his friends every day at school. Lunch is only $2 a day but by the time you pay for 5 days each week, that comes to an additional $50 per month. Financially, that just didn't make sense to us since we come straight home and he can eat lunch here.

Well, the day he did that, I immediately called Sue laughing to tell her what he said. She had already chastised me for "not letting that sweet baby eat lunch with his friends!" Apparently, she spread the word in Vidalia and now he gets random cards in the mail and cards on holidays with "lunch money." His teacher thinks it is so funny. He will walk in with a handful of $1 bills and she will say "Vidalia?" We always answer with YEP!
I love the look on his face in the last picture. Mammy and Uncle Clare sent an envelope full of goodies. One of the things was a plastic container holding a dozen pieces of egg candy. During shipping, the eggs came out so when he opened the package, he pulled out an empty carton. He thought Uncle Clare ate his eggs! Then, I showed him the eggs in the bottom of the envelope and all was well in his world again.

The package from my mom was too hard for him to open so he had to get a little help from Dan. He made sure to tell him that it was his package though.

Thank you so much to all of you who sent Easter greetings to our little boy. We love that you love him so much and remember him on special occasions. It means so much to him and to us.

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