Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sea World with lots of people we love

One of the great things about living in the vacation capital of the world is that lots of people you love come to visit. There are some who try to disguise their visits as their great love for us, but most everyone else comes for the entertainment factor. We try our best to see people who are here. Some stay at our house and that makes it really easy to see them. Some stay near the attractions or near their meeting locations. It takes a little planning to make that happen with their schedules and ours.

A few weeks ago, our good friends from Vidalia, Cliff and Debra (Beppa) were in Orlando for a Banking Conference. I blogged about that already. We spent time with them on Tuesday and while we were there, I found out she was free on Thursday. Jonah and I were already scheduled to be at Sea World Thursday to meet some of my family from Mississippi and other family from Tampa. So, I invited Beppa to come with us.

My motivation for her doing Sea World with her was to visit more. I never thought about the perks of her being there. I had completely forgotten that I couldn't ride any of the rides with Jonah since I was pregnant. My family all had their own kids to ride with so it would have been difficult for him to ride otherwise. But, Beppa stepped in and saved the day. And, Jonah loved riding with her!

My cousin Crystal was here from MS with her mother in law and two kiddos. Bayleigh will be 6 in November and Trace will be 2 in May. Jonah and Bay hit it off big time. She was so sweet to him and he just adored her.
Beppa bought Jonah this super cool Shamu straw that fit on top of any regular size coke bottle. He drank some serious lemonade out of that thing.
My cousin Brandy lives in Tampa so she and her hubby and sweet Mia drove over for the day too. Brandy and Crystal are my two youngest cousins. Oh, and Brandy is pregnant too! Her baby is due November 5th and mine is due November 9th. Never in a million years could we have imagined being pregnant together. Especially so close together. I bet she never imagined either that she would have family living 2 hours from her. It is going to be fun to do this baby journey together!! Well, except for the sick part. She and I are keeping the Zofran company in business!!
Here we all are with 4 of my Granny's 8 (soon to be 10) great grand kids. (Crystal, Trace, Brandy, Mia, Bayleigh, Me & Jonah)
We also saw the BELIEVE show for the first time since the accident with the whale back in February. WOW! It was quite different. I'm not sure you would notice much if you never saw the other show but we saw it several times and the differences are so blaring. It is so sad what happened to the trainer. Not sure how Sea World will recover from that and what their next step will be. Regardless, those are amazing creatures!

Beppa and Minnie Pearl!
Bayleigh was so sweet to share her cotton candy with Jonah. He made a huge mess with it but loved every bite. He ate blue since "blue is for boys!"

Crystal let all the kids play a carnival type game that involved throwing a ball into milk jugs. Let's just say that I'm not pinning my hopes on Jonah having a career in Major League Baseball. Her two, on the other hand, were a different story. Jonah finally won a sympathy duck and chose pink. Nope, not blue, green or yellow. PINK!
I also had the great privilege of meeting up with my college buddy and great friends Jon & Sarah Beth Cooper! Seriously, I love it when lots of people end up in the same park on the same day. Makes life much easier!! Jon is the Student Minister at Highland Baptist Church in Meridian. When you have friends in the ministry, it is super hard to see each other. We have to rely on things like Facebook and text messages to keep in touch. So, times like this at Sea World are so precious!

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