Monday, April 19, 2010

ECDC hat parade and egg hunt

We received an invitation to attend the ECDC Annual Hat Parade on March 26. I assumed it was something for the girls until Jonah informed me that he made his own hat and they even "measured it to make sure it fit my big head!" I woke up very sick that morning and took as many meds as possible in order to be upright for this event.

We got to his classroom and saw all of the hats on the table waiting for the big parade. Jonah immediately spotted Ms. Nancy and made a b-line to give her an Easter gift. He loves his teachers and we feel so blessed that Jonah has been influenced by them this year. We love opportunities to do something special for them.

We made our way to the chapel and found our spot. They told us the kids would march in, across the front and then around the chapel several times. When Jonah walked in, he looked so sad. I quickly realized he was sad because he had not seen us. We stood up and waved and when he spotted us, the grin took up his whole face.

Each time he passed us, he flashed us that precious smile and waved like a parade pro.

I snapped a couple of shots of his hat so you could see it from the top. They got to pick the color of their hat and all the things that went on it.

After the hat parade, we were invited to participate in the egg hunt with our kids. They also made their egg hunt buckets. Jonah was quite pleased to point out all the details of what he made.

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Anonymous said...

Cute yellow hat and I love his BIG head soooo much! I would love to see that big head and sweet smile in person.


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