Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Many of you know my background is in Dentistry. I started working in a Dental office when I was 15. Minus the 2 years we spent in Fort Worth and our time in Vidalia, I have always worked in the dental field. Even in Vidalia, I did some training and staff development on contract for a dentist there. I love teeth!

I've seen so many cases of "funk mouth" in kids because many parents just neglect to teach their kids about good dental hygiene. So, Jonah had a toothbrush in his hand before he got his first tooth. (Supervised, of course) We've talked about good dental habits. We brush even if he falls asleep before bedtime. We talk about wise food choices. We talk about teeth...a lot! It. Has. Never. Clicked!

Well, since February is dental health month, a pediatric dentist visited Jonah's class at school. He came home FIRED UP! He had a sheet of paper and pointed to everything on it and told me what was good for teeth and bad for teeth. He told me that a dentist is his friend. He tells other people that "Doctor Ramsey is MY Dentist." Seriously, he is all about teeth.

Last Wednesday, he threw up at school. I was afraid it was as stomach virus. I was scared that his tooth brush might gag him. So, as Dan was putting him to bed, I yelled down the hall, "Don't brush his teeth, it might make him throw up!" Jonah started SCREAMING and CRYING! He was yelling "Please brush my teeth, I don't want my teeth to fall out!! I don't want my teeth to fall out!!" Apparently, that dentist instilled a little fear in him.

Then, yesterday, we were at the church office and Ms. Nancy offered Jonah some Skittles. He loves Skittles, just like his daddy. She took his hand so he could go with her to get them. As they walked away, we heard him ask "Are those bad for my teeth?"

Is it possible to have too much concern for your teeth?

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Anonymous said...

He is a "One Of A Kind" kid!!! Did he eat the Skittles?


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