Friday, March 12, 2010

More Iphone Pics

These pictures were taken back in June when Jonah had is first experience with a fire ant. We know have Epi Pens for him because his second experience was even worse than this one. We got to the Natchez AHC and were super happy to see Steve there. While he was checking Jonah's foot, Jonah kept rubbing his ears. Not only was his foot in terrible shape, he had a double ear infection. Poor guy!

It is very rare (less than 4 times) that Jonah falls asleep anywhere besides his bed or car seat. So, when I saw him in his beanbag sound asleep, I had to take this picture.
And, of course, there are always some pictures that just remind me of how silly this little boy is.

And, here is the picture I took one whole year after Jonah's 2nd birthday party. I was cleaning out a closet in preparation for our move and discovered a bag with all of the thank you notes from Jonah's 2nd birthday. I. WAS. MORTIFIED!!!! Looking at this picture makes me smile now because the first note you see is to Taddy (or Tommy as he is actually known!) We are still in such shock over losing Tommy in January. This picture just reminds me how much he loved my little boy. He was there when he was born. He was at all 3 birthday parties. He was one of the first names Jonah could say. (except he called him Mommy because he couldn't say his T yet.)
HA! The night of crawfish picture! This was the most random night in Vidalia. There was a crawfish under our carport. Dan got close to him to take his picture. Click HERE to see the picture he took and to read all the funny comments the picture got on Facebook.

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