Monday, March 15, 2010

Church Directory Pictures

Over the years, I have been told on many occasions that our family is very photogenic. I'll admit it, we take good pictures 99% of the time. We can be looking something awful but when the camera snaps the picture, it doesn't come across that way. It's odd really!

So, I was a little excited (yes, I'm a geek) about church directory photos. We went fully prepared to buy some family photos. We bought none! Instead, we grimaced as each new photo popped up on the screen when we were viewing them. They were so awful that the lady could not even try to convince us to buy one. She made the suggestion we do a redo! So, we got back in line and took another turn.

Those weren't much better. We found ONE that would do as a directory photo but neither of us were pleased with it. Our typically easy to photograph child looked like Chandler Bing in his engagement photos. They were bad! So, while most people are looking forward to receiving their new church directory, I dread it!
Jonah was bored while waiting to view the pictures so he entertained himself with Dan's iphone. I'm pretty sure Apple did not have children in mind when they created the Iphone but what a gift that thing is to parents!

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Susana said...

You aren't alone. We bought nothing. Neither of us were impressed with our pictures but managed to find one that was decent for the directory. Allen felt they were too in a hurry to get us out of there and really gave no warning on when the picture was being snapped. Half of Allen's smiles are bad. Oh well!
(and I love the Chandler Bing reference - I can totally picture it!)


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