Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bedtime conversations

Dan put Jonah to bed tonight but I decided a little while later to go in and crawl in his bed with him just to snuggle for a while. He was fading but perked up when I walked in.

Me: Jonah, what was the best part of your day?

J: When we took Max on the long walk.

Me: That was yesterday. What about today.

J: When I made my bracelet in Sunday School.

Me: That was three weeks ago. What about today.

J: Ummmm, can I just tell you what the sad part of my day was?

Me: Sure, but we are going to come back to the best part, okay?

J: Okay, well the sad part was when you made me take a nap but I wasn't tired so I didn't even close my eyes. I was so sad!

Me: I'm sorry you were sad but you were so sleepy.

J: Let's talk about happy things now!

Me: Well, Guess who is flying here all the way from Vidalia on Tuesday?

J: The airplane?

Me: Um, yeah, but guess who will be on that plane? CLIFF AND BEPPA!!!

J: WHAT?? They are coming to see me? Is he bringing our boat?

Me: No, he can't bring a boat on an airplane.

J: Maybe we can just get one from Target when he gets here.

Me: HA!

J: Oh, mommy?

Me: Yes, baby?

J: I just remembered, this is the best part of my day!

Me: (crying) Mine too buddy, mine too!


winstead family said...

i'm going to go snuggle with my 8, almost 9 year old now. :)

Cristi said...

Aww thats so sweet! I just LOVE conversations with toddlers. Cant wait for some of those with Avery.

Audra Laney said...

Ahhhh! Sweetness overflows!

Beppa said...

Ha! That's great, if it's Beppa buying it, it's Toys R Us. Evidently Target has the market for boats! Too cute. Can't wait to see you guys!

Avery's Mommy said...


LeAndMatt said...

Ok...I'm crying now....must go give P-man a hug! Thanks!


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