Saturday, March 13, 2010

2 more big boy rides

We planned all week to do yard work and prune all of our trees and bushes today. As I woke up this morning, I started thinking about how we know nothing about pruning. Our resident horticulturist (Clare) still lives in Vidalia and we are clueless about how to do things like that with him. So, I checked the weather to see if Disney would be a possibility. I went to ask Jonah if he wanted to go. He said no because he wanted to play a game on the computer. I reminded him he was big enough to ride roller coasters and he quickly changed his mind.

We got there and quickly realized why we should avoid the place for the next six weeks...SPRING BREAK SEASON! Ugh! It was CRAZY! We made an executive decision to get a fast pass for one ride and then wait in line for another one and then leave. We told Jonah that plan and he was okay. Although, he would have loved to stay and ride all day. He loves to ride. The scarier the better for him.
It wasn't until we got there that I realized I couldn't ride with him. It made me very sad. I love experiencing "firsts" with him. But, Dan was so awesome and took the camera to take pictures of him getting on the big boy rides and even took a couple of videos on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.
I met them at the exit of Splash Mountain after I watched them come down the big drop. Jonah was soaked. We took his windbreaker to help with the water on his shirt. We should have thought of something for his pants. Check out those wet jeans.
Look at my two cute wet heads! Love those boys!

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The Ainsworth Family said...

Splash Mountain was Natalie's favorite!!


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