Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Way back WHENsday

Most of the Way back WHENsday posts I have done are from Jonah's 2nd year on. That is because I got my Mac just before he turned 2. So, every picture on here is from May of 2007 forward. Just recently, I was looking for pictures for a friend and needed to go through every picture on Shutterfly and Snapfish. I have all of the same pictures on disk but it was easier to look there. (I back up each month to both online sharing sites and an external hard drive!)

Looking at all of the old pictures pre-Jonah and of his first 10 months have been so fun for me. I decided to dedicate the post today to our 7th anniversary, baby showers and the first 20 minutes of his little life.

We spent our 7th anniversary in Destin, FL. I was 32 weeks pregnant and it was the last week my doctor allowed me to travel. Jonah had a 2 vessel cord so I had to stick close to home in those last weeks so I would be near her and my hospital.

We had two massive baby showers that happened to be the same weekend. We were so extremely blessed and humbled by the love shown to us by so many people. Our first shower was in Jackson. It was given by my three sweet friends, Teresa, Melanie and Denise.
It just so happened that three of them were bridesmaids in our wedding. Darla was also a bridesmaid so we got a picture with her in it also. It was fun having 4 of the 6 girls that stood with me on the day I married Dan also there to celebrate the life growing inside of me.
The next day, we had our church shower in Vidalia. My friend Amanda was there to write everything down for me and offer moral support. That day began a history between the two of us of documenting important days in each others lives. Well, up until I left her hanging on Eli's first birthday because I moved to Florida!!!
Our wonderful FBC hostesses who we love so much. It was fun anticipating Jonah's birth with them. Most of these women were at the hospital the day he was born. The truly shared in our excitement and loved our little guy...even before they laid eyes on him.
So many times, people miss important events in life because they are trying to capture the perfect shot with their camera. I didn't want that to be the case with the grandparents on Jonah's birth day. So, Amanda was there with our camera to capture everything so grandparents could focus on Jonah. I'm SO SO SO SO glad we did that. I have so many amazing shots of Jonah with us and his grandparents because she was there. We promised all of them a CD with every picture so they would have their own copies. I would do that all over again today. Except, in hindsight, I would have had her in the delivery room.

I love looking back at the pictures from these days in 2006. God has blessed our lives so much since then but even if he hadn't, the sweet memories of these days would be enough to last a lifetime.


winstead family said...

so do you just organize by the month or do you break it down within that month by subject? i've got thousands of pics in iphoto that i HAVE GOT to get organized, but i don't know where to start! and no, they aren't backed up.. :(

Avery's Mommy said...

Love the old pics. I remember so clearly hearing about Jonah from Mrs. Dorothy (our next door neighbor). It was shortly after I'd lost the baby for a similar reason (cord restriction). Everyone was praying for him! He is such a sweet little guy and a miracle too!

Amanda said...

Why am I just now seeing this post? Somehow I missed this until now. I'm so glad we've been there for each other for all our important events...well, except for now that is! LOL! I'm telling you...if you can narrow down a due date and schedule it, I would definitely fly down for the birth of Micah (as long as it doesn't interfere with Eli's 2nd birthday party...don't think he'd understand why Mommy left him).


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