Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentines & Crafts

It has been interesting for me to think about how different each of our Valentine's Day preparations have been since Jonah has been in preschool. This year was his third year of "making" Valentines for his friends in his class. This year, by far, was the most methodical. He started with his card for his number one guy...Daddy!

He drew and drew. I asked what that was and he explained all about a big mountain with trees and goats and daddies on top?!? I hope I wasn't the goat? Then he moved on to his CARS Valentines and Fun Dip treats.

After we finished "working" on those, we moved on to a craft. We made a mosaic of a fire truck. Well, to be honest, we started the mosaic and Dan finished it with him the next night.

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