Saturday, February 27, 2010

One Day

One day our house will be spotless!

There won't be little hand prints on the sliding glass door. There won't be tee tee around the potty. There won't be toothpaste spit on the bathroom counter. There won't be little stuffed animals every where. There won't be a big bounce house in the middle of my living room. There won't be spaghetti sauce on my favorite table cloth. There won't be a mound of little boy laundry waiting to be be done even though I just did all of the little boy laundry two days ago. There won't be sounds of cartoons echoing through my house. There won't be a little boy learning to play soccer inside because it is raining outside. There won't be sticky spots on the floor from spilled juice. There won't be a little lamb called Lammy who participates in every conversation in our house. There won't be a dog hiding under the bed because of the incessant tormenting. There won't be endless requests to play games. There won't be screams as a daddy chases a little 3 year old through the house. There won't be made up games with made up rules by a little boy who always wins. There won't be tears at nap time. There won't be giggles when he sneaks in after nap time. There won't be requests for pop tarts before our eyes are even open each morning. There won't be sweet conversations about Jesus and Heaven before he goes to sleep at night. There won't be prayers thanking God "for all the people we had done meeting today!" There won't be snuggle sessions in "the big bed." There won't be requests to just "lay beside me for a little while." There won't be belly laughs over silly things.

One day, all those things will be gone. So, for today, I'm not cleaning a thing. I'm staying in my pajamas. I'm just enjoying being a mommy to this little boy with endless energy and contagious giggles.


Christy Bullock said...

Good for you! I try to remember these things too and just enjoy the moments when they are little. Thanks for the reminder!

Penny said...

I love that you realize that before it's too late. So many hours I wasted and my baby is a Senior. Thank God for grandchildren. Give me a chance to enjoy them, while knowing how fast they grow up. Love this post! =)

Cristi said...

So sweet and true. The upside is then you get grandbabies!

Aja said...

Amen, Nicki!


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