Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Some people think I share way too many details of our lives. Some people wish there were just pictures and no words. Some people (Melody Dowdy) know my blogging habits WAAAY too well. I copied and pasted the following exchange that took place on Facebook today. It is scary to think just how right she is!!!

Melody McCain Dowdy just took down the fabric shower curtain we have been using for the past 11 & 1/2 years. it's still in beautiful condition-i just can't bear to look at it another day. that bridal shower gift fromClaudia Friedman 12 years ago-served us well over 6 moves, 1 apartment, 1 town home, 3 houses, 3 different dogs, and 2 kid...

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Nicki Burns Glenn
Nicki Burns Glenn
I so would have done a blog post about that! Maybe that is why some would say I "overdo" the little details of life. :-)
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Melody McCain Dowdy
Melody McCain Dowdy
i could recap the highlights of the post YOU "would have done" if i were you. first we would have seen photos of the curtain in every place you have EVER lived. then we would see people you know and love-standing next to the curtain. followed by that would be a pic of jonah crying as you remove the curtain "whauaz wrong" jonah video might get uploaded for extra sentiment. maybe a bath shot or two of max getting his first and last bath near the curtain. lastly we would see a sequenced series of shots of the curtain being removed completely and placed in the can. dan would be wearing jogging shorts and his best white t-shirt. the last shot-jonah would be waving to the garbage man as the curtain leaves the property. jonah is wearing a "future sanitation worker t-shirt" does that about sum it up?!
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rob h said...

That is GOLD, Jerry.

Audra Laney said...

Wow, Nicki! She has you NAILED!

melody mccain dowdy said...

what can i say? LOVE YOU GIRL!!! and i am forever a faithful "glenn gang" follower-no matter what you post!!! let's see what "anonymous" has to say on that!

winstead family said...

LOL LOL!!!!!!!

4 J's said...

That has to be the funniest and most accurate statement I have ever read about your blogging! But I check everyday and love reading about your precious family! I would even read about shower curtains...and possibly make a comment!

Amanda said...

I think I'd get along great with her :)

LeAndMatt said...




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