Friday, February 19, 2010

The Bounce House

Jonah's grandparents gave him a bounce house for his 3rd birthday. Soon after his party, we packed up everything we owned and moved 14 hours away. The bounce house hasn't been seen since. It is kind of bulky so ended up under a bed in one of the guest rooms. I was vacuuming in there last week and remembered it being there. I pulled it out and tiptoed into the living room with it so I could surprise Jonah. As soon as he heard the pump start, he ran over and got super excited.

He has spent HOURS in the this week. He has played with his hot wheels, his stuffed animals, jumped, bounced, flipped, read books, talked on the phone and just hung out. He is treating it like an extra room in our house. He grabbed his Poingo books and reader and spent over an hour reading. My mom gave him that system for Christmas and he loves it. It is like a Tag reader but the books are much bigger.

So, thanks to the grandparents for two gifts that resurfaced this week that have brought lots of joy to my little guy and peace to this mommy!

1 comment:

Amy said...

It's like a playpen for a preschooler!

How cool!


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