Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blue Spring State Park

I love living near so many State parks. I especially love that one of them is a manatee refuge during the cold winter months. When river temperatures fall below 68 degrees, the constant 72.5 degree waters of Blue Spring are a welcome warm water refuge for manatees. A record manatee count of 311 manatees was recorded early in January of this year.

Dan's mom and grandmother were here for a visit a couple of weeks ago. We watched the weather to pick a day that would drop below 70. We settled on Saturday since it would be the coolest day they were here. You'll notice a bear in most of the pictures. That bear is BOO. Boo is the special friend of Jonah's preschool class who spent the weekend with us. We had to take him on special adventures and take pictures then add those to the class scrapbook. You'll also notice "creepy picture guy" in the next one.

4 generations of Dan's family. Granny B, Gigi, Dan & Jonah.

Jonah was sitting on a bench and I told him to give me a serious look. This is what I got.
Then I asked for a mad look. I got this.
He couldn't stay like that long so her burst into giggles. So, I got this!

It wasn't quite cold enough to have as many manatee as we would have liked to have seen. The count that day was 52. We will definitely be going back on a colder day. I really want to see them when there are upwards of 300 in there!

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