Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Way back WHENsday

I really did go WAY back for this post. I pulled pictures out of the box and actually scanned them. I forgot how many developed pictures I have. So, in some of the Wednesdays to come, I'll scan in some old pictures for a walk down memory lane. I'm specifically pulling out pictures of friends who I know read the blog. I figure they need a laugh too!

This picture was taken on Easter Sunday at FBC, Glen Rose, Texas. Dan was the Interim Worship Leader while we were in Seminary. He made a commitment before we got to seminary that he would not take a full-time position. He wanted to focus on school rather than a ministry. FBC, Glen Rose loved us and we loved them. The allowed Dan to remain Interim while he was in seminary. We all hoped God would call us there but we just never felt it. That was a hard position to turn down.

Adam & Julie Myrick were our best friends at SWBTS. They live in South Carolina now and we actually get to see them at the end of this month when they get come to Disney. Then, when we visit Doug & Allison in South Carolina in March, we'll see them then. They spent Easter with us in Glen Rose then we all went to Fossil Rim for the afternoon. Good times with good friends!

This is me with my daddy at a wedding in 1996. He was miserable in that tux and wanted it OFF! He shoes were a size too small. It wasn't a happy day for him. That is pretty obvious by the look on his face. My dad died 4 years ago yesterday. This picture made me smile today!
I spent the summer of 1994 as a summer missionary in Ventura County, California. I started a lifelong friendship with this family, the St. Laurents. Loved them then, love them now.
During our second year of seminary, Dan's college roommates moved right across the street from us. There are no words to describe the fun we had with them. I went from having one husband to having three. I cooked meals for them every day, I ironed their clothes, I gave them dating advice, I talked to girls after they went out, I got them in classes that were closed and gave them their grades before they were posted. I even waxed one of their backs! Gross, huh?
Laguna Formal, 1995! This sweet girl is one of God's finest! Her blog makes me laugh...a lot! Her character is impeccable. He relationship to her hubby and kids is inspirational to us all. Facebook reconnected us after many years and I'm so glad.
And then comes Jenny! She was a senior in high school when I was her youth minister. Now, she is the precious momma to two awesome boys. She married her high school sweetheart who was also in our youth ministry. I was also reconnected to her through Facebook. We follow each other's blogs, pray for each other's families and cheer each other on in this crazy life. I love seeing how God is working in her life.
The next two pictures are of me and my sweet hubby on the weekend we were engaged in September of 1998. I was in New Orleans, LA at a Dental convention and he arranged it with my whole office to surprise me there. After a carriage ride, a saxophone player and these beautiful flowers, he popped the question.
The next night, Dan joined all of my office staff at dinner in New Orleans. Little did we know the ride that was ahead of us. I'm so glad he asked me to marry him!!
Darla and Doug at Christmas, 1998. It is almost hard to remember those two not having spouses and kiddos. This picture is a reminder of that.
I used to spend tons of time babysitting. Dan joined in those outings once we started dating. I went from being hero to zero when he was around. I knew in those moments that he would be a fabulous daddy.


Lori said...

ok it just hit me, you got in engaged the same yr I had my third child. (walking away feeling verrrry old this morning) ha!

Barb said...

Love the pic of Adam and Julie - I miss them. It was so fun sharing an office with Julie, and leaving work together when she would chase the squirrels. I'm so jealous you get to do Disney together. Fun times!
And, getting your friends into closed classes and giving them their grades early? shame on you! ;)

The Glenn Gang said...

In my defense, I only got them into those classes if the prof would agree to it. And, I'd ask the prof for them.

winstead family said...

how sweet! i made the blog!!! :) i hope we can come visit one day...i would love to spend some time with you!!!

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

oh i love this post!

jenny has not changed ONE BIT. she is so incredibly beautiful on the outside and inside. i'm blessed by her friendship!


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