Saturday, January 16, 2010

The top 9 in 09

I decided to steal a post idea from Barb who actually stole it from Travis Cottrell. Like Barb, I'm doing this in the middle of January but I thought it was cute idea and a fun way to remember the best days of 2009. Like Travis, I could include a favorite day from each month but I'm going with Barb's idea to honor the year of 2009 by posting 9 things. So, in no particular goes!

(You can click on each title to read the actual post with more pictures from that day!)

1. Covenant Service at Stetson Baptist Church.

2. Our 10th Wedding Anniversary

3. Writing on Floors of the Renovated Sanctuary

4. Cardboard Testimonies

5. Call to Stetson Baptist Church

6. Jonah's first school program

7. Placing the Cross

8. Jonah's 3rd Birthday Party

9. Universal Studios & The Grinch


Nina said...

Cool way to post milestones!!!

Barb said...

You had some major changes in 2009! It's fun to look back over the year, isn't it? Fun post.

Amanda said...

Very neat post!


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